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Body and Mind are connected. Your Body won't go where your Mind doesn't push it.

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my background

I am a Fitness & Yoga Enthusiast, a Health and Wellness expert, an educator of Healthy Lifestyle and a National record holder for fitness in "India Book of Records". I was born and brought up in a small and beautiful town named Sivasagar in Assam. Completed high school in Assam and moved to Bengaluru to do engineering. Currently I reside in Delhi with my wife and daughter. As a child I was always interested in exercise and fitness. I am also a musician. I play drums and Tabla.

My interest in Health and FITNESS

Why am I so interested in Health and Fitness?

Because I want to live and enjoy my life to the fullest. Simple. Don't you want the same?
If you plan to go from one city to another by car, the first thing you need is the car to be in good condition. If the car has problems, you won’t have a smooth journey. Next, you will see how good the driver of the car is. A bad driver will put your life into risk. Similarly, Life is also a journey. To enjoy the journey of life, the first thing is to make sure that your vehicle, which is your BODY, is in good condition. And then you need a good driver of the vehicle, which is your MIND. If you can take care of your BODY and MIND, you can experience your life to the fullest. 

the problem I see

90% people fail in their health and fitness plan or they give up after sometime. The reason is not lack of dedication. The reason is not lack of effort. It is 'Lack of the right knowledge' about Exercise, Nutrition and Lifestyle. Before working on the body, it is necessary to first work on the mind. Starting a fitness plan without having the right knowledge is like taking the car out on the road without knowing how to drive. If the mind is fed with the wrong information, what will come out is the wrong result.  

my mission

My mission is to change the lives of 1 million people by helping them keep their BODY AND MIND in the best condition and use them to their full potential. Food is the fuel for the body. Knowledge is the fuel for the mind. So, to keep them in best condition, we should feed them with the best fuel. And to choose the best fuel for your body and mind, first we should have the knowledge about them. Remember, Knowledge is Power.

My mission is to educate people

so that they can be the master of their own

Body and Mind.

My Gurus/Influencers

Bruce Lipton

Dr. Vivek Bindra

Swami Dandapani

Robin Sharma

Deepak Chopra

Vishen Lakhiani

Rajiv Dixit

Dr. BM Hegde

Baba Ramdev

Dr. Joe Dispenza


Dr. Bishwaroop Roy

Dr. Vipin Gupta





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