Healthy Lifestyle program

Price : Rs.999/-

If you are suffering from any lifestyle diseases like Thyroid, Diabetes, Blood pressure etc or if you are looking to get strong immunity through a healthy lifestyle then this program is for you. The knowledge in this course will help you live a Healthy life without going to the gym or without any strict diet.

Online Weight loss program

Price : Rs.1400/- (for a limited period)

Actual price : Rs.2200/-

It's a 10 days program where you will be able to target your body fats through YOGA, NATURAL DIET and HEALTHY LIFESTYLE. It's an online program. Sessions can be accessed from mobile/laptop.

Call or Whatsapp: +91 81477 88858

Meditation and Stress management program

Price : Rs.2800/-

In this program you will learn Meditation and Breathing exercises for Mind control, Stress reduction and to live a Happy Life. It's a LIVE one to one program of 10 sessions.

Call or Whatsapp:+91 81477 88858

Online Personal Training

If you need personal training from me then I can be your Virtual Fitness Trainer and help you with any of your Health goals. Please call +91 81477 88858 for more information.

OCD and Depression program

If you need help to cure depression and Obsessive Compulsive disorder naturally without any medication then please call +91 81477 88858 for more information. It will be a personalized program.


Call and Whatsapp : 81477 88858

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